Race Day

Hanging on to the back of the reasonably decent racers may not be a winning strategy, but it doesn't seem like a losing one either.

Car shown may not match actual race vehicle ;-)
Photo by Jp Valery / Unsplash

Most second Saturdays are race days down at Harris Hill Raceway these days, and today was no exception.  The first race of the day was rough and showed my lack of practice with the car up on stands.  The second on the other hand was 29 laps full of all kinds of fun.

After my traditional horrible start when I spent most of my little brain trying to not have contact (we reverse grid so all the fast guys are in the front), I ended up at the back end of the faster racers in the Miata Classic (think JV) pack and decided that my real goal for the race was to hang on to it - and I did just that.

I made a few passes and gave up a few, generally sticking at the back of the core pack but staying ahead of quite a few folk who weren't in the mix.  There were several opportunities that I could have taken to pass, and one that I tried (on the white flag lap) that I realized when reviewing video wasn't as close as I thought it was.  In general though I was happy with the midpack finish, getting more comfortable being in traffic, and trying harder to stay "on" for the full 45 minutes.

Race 2 for the day, counter clockwise

And I had fun and didn't hurt anyone else, which as far as I'm concerned was Mission Accomplished for the day!