About Me

More than you wanted to know, and less than you need to

I’ve been working in the software industry since 1992, with a focus on data-centric high-availability B2B applications requiring creative problem solving.  I tend to do my best work when presented with an expensive problem, a smaller budget, and an unrealistic deadline.  If I can turn your year-long $3M problem into a month-long $100K problem then I’ve added value - helping you to solve the smaller problem is always an option, but not the point.


I’ve spent a good amount of my career working in high volume data-backed mission-critical B2B environments.  I spent the first decade or so with a strong focus on warehousing (physical, not data) and transitioned to a variety of projects that related to non-profits or payments (often both), highlighted by my time at Kimbia where we built a high volume fundraising product that punched far above its weight class, raising over $1 Billion in direct credit card transactions for a variety of causes.  At one point we were by far the smallest company to receive the Level One service provider PCI compliance level.

In 2014 I started Protea Corporate Consulting with my fellow Kimbia co-founder, Thon Morse; we provided individual technical and business consulting and develop softare to solve business problems, either directly or by working with your existing or outsourced development teams.

Most recently, in 2022, I joined findhelp full time to work on accelerating their already impressive ability to use technology to match people in need with programs able to help.

I keep threatening to write a book, but this hasn’t happened yet.


When I’m not solving problems I’m often reading, writing, or trying to become a better driver.  I’ve completed somewhere between 10 and 20 marathons, a Ragnar relay, and two full 140.6 mile Ironman triathlons, along with a slate of shorter races.  I may not be fast, but I am persistent!

While the mechanical side of auto racing appeals to my inner geek, the biggest value that I get from it personally is that when you’re on-track you really can’t think about anything other than what you’re doing right then.  There’s a certain amount of strategy, and a ton of pre- and post-game work, but while you’re driving its all about what’s actually going on instead of worrying about a theoretical ideal or even dwelling on the previous corner (good or bad).  The contrast to my day job that driving on track provides is far more valuable than I’d ever thought before I started.

I’m based out of Austin, TX and prefer being home for dinner; having said that, I do see value in face-to-face meetings and am available to travel when it makes sense.  I’m fortunate to be in a position where video and audio conferences work when its doesn’t.


You can reach me by emailing me at richard@rjstanford.com .